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At Preferred Glass & Windows, we have earned a reputation for prompt, efficient, and ethical service. We are League of California Homeowners approved, and we have been several times voted the #1 Glass and Window Company. All of our glass and window installers are AAMA certified, and we never subcontract our work. This means that we can provide you with a lifetime guarantee on all installations. We provide quality products and workmanship at the best prices.

Storefront Glass & Window Repair in Santa Clarita & the San Fernando Valley


When a consumer walks into a store or a building, a beautifully designed storefront can easily win them over. It creates a lasting impression and attracts potential customers or clients. A damaged storefront due to vandalism, extreme weather conditions, or accidents may result in a loss of customers. In addition, a broken storefront may mean closing down the business for several days. When this happens, turn to Preferred Glass & Windows for reliable window or glass storefront repairs. These types of damages should be handled by a team of experienced and highly trained installers!

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At Preferred Glass & Windows, we ensure that commercial establishments get quick and efficient service for their damaged storefronts. We understand the importance of your business, which is why we make glass and window repair our top priority. Our team guarantees immediate response times so that your business doesn’t have to close down for days. We arrive at your commercial space and quickly board-up any broken glass and take measurements to deliver fast replacements.


Our Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valley glass installation company boasts about 50 years of experience. Our team is composed of qualified installers with an advanced level of craftsmanship in storefront repairs. We strive to create a better store experience not just for our clients but for their customers as well.



Your business is our priority. We know that accidents happen at any time of the day or night. That is why we offer 24-hour emergency board-up service for all your storefront needs. From damaged entrance doors to broken front glass, we are equipped to provide the fastest storefront repair! Our team of Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valley glass storefront experts will make sure that your commercial space is boarded up and any damaged glass or windows are replaced at the earliest time possible.

We Provide The Following Emergency Services:


You can be sure that all storefront repairs and installations are done by AAMA Certified employees of Preferred Glass & Windows. We do not hire subcontractors for any of our work! When you need to get your windows or glass fixed ASAP, you can count on our team to get the job done right, right away. Give us a call at (661) 255-1170 & (818) 360-3667 to discuss your problem and get it patched up today!

Preferred Glass & Windows is ready to help. Contact us at (661) 255-1170 & (818) 360-3667 today to schedule window board-ups, repairs, and glass installations in Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valley any time of day or night.

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Contact Preferred Glass & Windows below or call (661) 255-1170 & (818) 360-3667 today.

Get Your Free Estimate

Contact Preferred Glass & Windows below or call (661) 255-1170 & (818) 360-3667 today.

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